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Because knowing is half the battle...

College Life

This week is an exciting week for us at Rhino's because we celebrate a HUGE milestone for Tarra's doctoral program. As you know, she is working on her Doctorate of Psychology in Sports and Performance Degree. This week, Tarra enters the actual Dissertation writing phase of her program! Specifically, Tarra completed all her coursework, so she will be dedicated to research, experimenting, and writing over the next year! She's been in school for roughly her entire life, so this step is a monumental one for her, and by extension, all of us! Follow her on IG and FB @StrongMindUSA for some great mental skills tips!

Intro to Strength Training

We are entering the second week of our FREE Intro to Strength Training seminar series, which means our focus will be on properly completing the back squat and variations to help you get stronger. Registration is still open, and you're more than welcome to drop by during class. As a reminder, classes are at 5:30 pm for the following 3 Tuesdays (Oct. 12, 19, and 26).



I know I mentioned it last week, but come on, let's all admit how amazing deadlifting is. The only thing that makes deadlifting better is FREE food and FUNDRAISING for a fantastic cause - Team Chubby Unicorns. Hey, at least we aren't asking you to buy coupon books as we had to as kids :D

Here's the Facebook link for more info:

I'm going to keep it short this week for everyone! But, we hope to see you at the Intro to Strength Training TOMORROW AT 5:30 pm.

- Ryan and Tarra

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