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Lifting Barbell
General Strength Training
  • Everyone can always be a little stronger & healthier, and we want to help you get there.

  • There are many health benefits to being strong, and we'd love to discuss these with you!

  • Training is structured based on your strengths, weaknesses, and any limitations you have.

Parent & Me Strength
  • We know moms (and dads!) can have a hard time getting to know their bodies again after the birth of a child. We're here to help you build the necessary strength and endurance to keep up with active children!

  • This training is tailored to encourage bonding and love of fitness between parent and child and is for both moms and dads and children up to 8.

  • Training will include body weight, baby weight, and kid weight exercises to help you feel as strong as you are.

Mental Skills Training
  • Often we can get caught up in our own thoughts, worries, or confusion about our goals and fitness. Mental Skills training works to help you develop clear goals and stay consistent with exercise so you reach your goals.

  • For athletes, military, LEOs, and first responders, Mental Skills training is a crucial tool for keeping your head in the moment and reacting appropriately to any challenge.

  • Mental Skills training is appropriate for all people, regardless of their job or sport affiliation.

Job Specific Strength Training
  • We all have specialized training to work with people who need to develop special skills for their jobs.

  • This includes: Active Duty, LEOs, First Responders, and anyone who has a job that is physically demanding.

  • Our goal in this program is to get you at your top level of performance so you know you can respond quickly and keep pushing through any challenge.

Pregnant Woman Working Out
Pre- & Postnatal Training
  • Whether you're a woman trying to get pregnant, currently pregnant, or have already had your baby (event years later!) you can benefit from strength training geared for your changing body.

  • Prenatal training includes helping you prepare your body for labor and post-pregnancy recovery. 

  • Postnatal training helps you recover safely and helps you understand the changes your body has undergone during this vital part of your life.

Fitness Instructor
Exercise Integratged Therapy
  • Exercise Integrated Therapy teaches you how to use exercise as a coping skill through individual training sessions.

  • Each session in Exercise Integrated Therapy involves exercising with our dually licensed mental health counselor/certified personal trainer at the pace that fits where you are. This program is appropriate for both beginners in fitness and those who are more experienced.

  • Additionally, any life concerns are addressed, which makes this program great for those who also experience anxiety or depression.

Lifting Barbell
Athletic Weight Training
  • Athletes have many different demands placed on them that can be difficult to train to on your own.

  • We work with you and your team coaches (if you wish) to develop a training program that gets you to where you need to be athletically for your sport.

  • This is perfect for middle schoolers, high schoolers, college-aged, professional, and recreational athletes.

Teens Training.jpg
Teen Strength Training
  • Strength training is especially important for our developing pre-teens and teenagers.

  • We use the safest and most effective exercises based on your child's age to help them stay active and healthy.

  • Strength is vital for all ages and our coaches can work with any age group due to the type of training they have.

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