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Monday Musings? I haven't had coffee yet...

YouTube Channel

Some of you might know that we have a YouTube channel with information dedicated to helping you get stronger. Right now, we approximately 40 exercise demonstration videos, but are working on more each day. ALSO, we will be posting our upcoming Coaches' Corner weekly video series and the programming we post daily on our social media. Take a look and don't forget to hit subscribe so you're always updated when there's new info!


Upcoming Events

We have a lot of great things coming up that you're sure to be interested in. Keep an eye on our schedule for these events.

OPEN GYM & DEADLIFT PARTY 10/28 - Because who doesn't love deadlifts? Come on over to hang out with us as we raise money for our strength training team, Team Chubby Unicorns! Click on the flyer below to be redirected to the facebook page for more info!

INTRO TO STRENGTH TRAINING SEMINAR SERIES (FREE!) - While we're a business, we also want to introduce the joys of strength training to the community so everyone realized just how beneficial it is, no matter your goals. Seriously, weight loss, general strength, "toning," joint health, stability & balance, injury name it and we can create a strength program to help you reach these goals. Check it out...what do you have to lose? Click on the photo for more info!


Also, keep an eye out for our Coaches' Corner series, posted every Friday at 6pm on our social media and YouTube pages! Let us know if there's anything you'd like us to talk about.

We hope you have a strong week!

Ryan and Tarra

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