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New Year, New Me?

New Year, New Me?

We often hear or say to ourselves, new year, new me.

While this isn't necessarily bad, it implies that our old self was not good. So instead, this year, let's focus on what we did well and what could use some alterations.

Basically, ask yourself what worked, what didn't, and the reasons behind why it did or didn't. After that, you should make your plans for the upcoming new year. Are you going to change anything, or will you keep at training or life as you know it? If you are going to keep going at it the way you were, what are you going to stay the same? What are you going to change?

These are all critical questions. For so many years, I made goals to try and change everything and remake myself, but I only focused on the negatives that needed to be changed. Now is a great chance to remind yourself that not only did you do good things this last year but that you can continue to do so in the upcoming year. It doesn't have to be all training or diet-related either. Maybe you made some positive outcomes earlier in the year by simply getting up 5 minutes earlier, or perhaps you made coupon cutting a habit and saved a lot of money. Whatever it was, celebrate your changes and your learning lessons.

Upcoming Events

January 2022 – Intermediate Strength Training Seminar: Join us for 3, 1-hour seminars focused on learning & incorporating intermediate movements into your strength routine by adding in bands, chains, and specialty bars. Cost is $10 per class. Sign up for classes at

This is a continuation of our Intro to Strength Training seminar, but anyone is welcome. We'll also review how to properly complete the BIG 3 movements: Back Squat, Bench Press, & Deadlift. Topics Include: 01/06 @ 5:30pm - Session 1: Intermediate Squat 01/13 @ 5:30pm - Session 2: Intermediate Bench Press 01/20 @ 5:30pm - Session 3: Intermediate Deadlift

January 8th, 2022 – Rhino’s Gym Jeep Ride w/Alpha Off Road:

Join us January 8th with Alpha Offroad at Lazy Springs Recreation Area in Lehigh Acres, as we celebrate the New Year with some off-roading and BBQ! Contact us if you want to join.

April 2, 2022 - Florida Man Mayhem I: Ladies and Gents, mark your calendars for a day of watching strong people lift heavy shit up! We promise it will be a great time and it’s just down the road at Laishley Park. As the time comes closer, we will also be looking for volunteers to help us out. Don’t worry, you’ll be rewarded :D

Past Events

New & Noteworthy

Coaches' Corner: Episode 12 - Powerlifting Comp Prep 5

Last week we discussed the importance of reflecting on our meet performance a few days after the meet ends. This is how we learn to make less emotionally based decisions on our training and competition prep.



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