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Strength Gym vs Crossfit Box: The Down & Dirty

When Crossfit first got big, you all might remember the contention between Crossfitters and traditional strength athletes...yeah, it was fun. I'm not going to lie, I think it's always going to be there a little bit for many, but there are many benefits to both Crossfit boxes and traditional strength gyms. A CrossFit box and a strength-centric gym are quite similar in that they are both a style of training with pretty much the same goals nutritionally and strength-wise. Additionally, the rise of Crossfit helped boost strength sports like powerlifting and strongman, and for that we're grateful! The environment, in general, is also very supportive in both types of facilities with a close-knit community. Read on below for our perceptions of the differences between the two and let us know what experiences you've had!


You might be surprised to walk into a Crossfit box and realize they look eerily similar to a traditional strength gym. The two biggest differences in equipment will be that strength gyms will typically be centered around a certain style (think strongman or powerlifting) while a CrossFit box is going to be based around conditioning/strength and overall athletics style. Most of the equipment you will find in both gyms will be eerily similar, though there will be some differences depending on the location.

Types of Training

One of the big differences is that in a CrossFit box, the training will be done in either classes or groups, with set times for open gym. Open gym is a dedicated time where members can come in to work out on their own without instructor guidance. While a strength gym would always be an open gym environment, most of the time CrossFit boxes provide instructor-led classes and training. A strength gym will be built for everyone to come in and train individually using whichever training style they prefer. On the other hand, a CrossFit box will use the Workout of the Day, WOD, during their groups or classes.


The other big difference between a strength gym and a CrossFit box is the membership price. The CrossFit franchise has a steep fee that the boxes must pay to use the CrossFit name, which bleeds into membership costs. However, you're also getting access to an instructor during most of the CrossFit box's opening hours, so there's bang for the buck there. In recent years, the high costs for CrossFit memberships have appeared to decrease, which is nice for many people. A strength training gym is generally less costly depending on the location of the facility. For the most part, neither of these types of facilities have contracts, so that's a definite win!

We hope you've enjoyed learning about some of the differences between a traditional strength training gym and a CrossFit box. Again, these are our perceptions of what we've seen over the years. As always, go check out each type of facility to see what works best for your training style and your preferred environment!

- Ryan and Tarra

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