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Box Squats: Am I Doing Them Correctly?

Box Squats: Am I Doing Them Correctly?

First off, let me start by saying that there is no "right" or "wrong" way to do a box squat as long as it is done intentionally to achieve a specific outcome. Typically, most people either sit back to get a vertical shin angle or sit at the edge of the box with their knees over their toes. Both are acceptable as long as it's intentional but will work slightly different muscles and techniques for your squat.

Vertical Shin Angle. When you sit further back on the box, it will help build up the hips and glutes and should help make you stay more upright for the squat (this does not mimic your competition squat).

Knees Over Toes. If you are sitting on the box as a regular squat (if that's how you squat), it can help you find your depth and mimic the feel of your competition squat.

However, this is just the sitting down aspect of the squat and doesn't consider what you can do once you're on the box. Sometimes you may see that people pause on the box, release the hips, contract them, and then stand back up. Others will lightly touch the box and then stand back up with no pause. Both of those techniques have a time and place.

A less than correct way to do the box squat would be to rock up or back then up unless that is a specific aspect you wanted to work on. Either way, they are not exactly wrong, but they do carry some potential for injury.

If you are unsure about the box squat and want to get more information, contact us, and we will help you find your "right" box squat technique.

Upcoming Events

February 19, 2022, 12pm - Form Check & 1RM Session:

  • This class is for you to schedule time for form critique and for you to safely get your 1 repetition maximum (1RM) for any of the Big 3 lifts (back squat, bench press, and deadlift).

  • Please bring any equipment you typically wear for these lifts (belt, shoes, wraps...).

  • The cost is $25 and you can sign up at

March 5, 2022, 12pm – Intro to Strength Training Seminar:

  • Join us for a two-hour seminar focused on setting goals & designing a training program to support YOUR goals. You’ll also learn how to properly complete the BIG 3 movements: Back Squat, Bench Press, & Deadlift. Please wear comfortable training clothing, water, and a snack if needed.

  • Topics Include:

    • Goal-Setting & Programming

    • Fundamentals of the Back Squat

    • Fundamentals of the Bench Press

    • Fundamentals of the Deadlift

  • Cost: $25

  • Register at

April 2, 2022 - Florida Man Mayhem I: Ladies and Gents, mark your calendars for a day of watching strong people lift heavy shit up! We promise it will be a great time and it’s just down the road at Laishley Park.


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Past Events

February 4, 2022 – ZUMBA & TABATA Mashup: Our ladies did awesome last week during our combined Zumba and Tabata workout class! Keep an eye out for Fitness w/Nicole on Facebook or our Facebook page for upcoming classes!

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